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My goal as a graphic designer is to team with employers and clients, efficiently creating successful, top-quality print designs that perfectly meet their needs. I delight in creating beautiful designs and making you look good. Clear communication and promptness are high priorities in all my work, and clients frequently comment on my speed and the quality of my work.

Take a peek at my portfolio and see some of the projects I've finished recently. I am always glad to discuss projects, so don't hesitate to drop me a line and I'll get back to you shortly. I am glad to work with clients directly, or through

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Over the past eleven years in the design field, I have maintained an excellent record with employers, clients, and team members. Excerpts from testimonials include:

"You did an excellent job. .. [Y]ou...had very nice ideas, great layouts and [a] cheerful, helpful attitude...We truly appreciate your willingness to be of service to us and your great positive attitude."

"WOW! Abigail, I'm impressed, both with the quality and speed! Thank you so much! ...It was just what I was looking for..."

"You're amazing! We couldn't ask for prompter're always on time."

"Abigail is great to work with because she does high quality designing while paying close attention to any specific criteria I set. She also responds very positively to constructive criticism and has proven that she's willing to make any changes I might suggest."

What dreams can I help you translate into reality?

Soli Deo Gloria!
Abigail Westbrook, graphic designer

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