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It is my passion to make high-quality design work affordable to all clients. Small businesses and individuals deserve top-quality designs, even though they are often not able to afford the $100+/hour rates charged by corporate-level designers. In addition to my very affordable regular hourly rate, I offer a $10/hour discount on all family-based non-profit ministry projects.

Because most projects end up taking less time than I anticipate, I charge by the hour and give regular updates on how much time has currently been invested in the project. In this way, the client maintains full decision power as to how much time they wish to invest into the design. The majority of my projects have been finished up with only 2-4 hours of work.

Contact me for a free price estimate on your project, or with any questions you may have. I'd be glad to talk things over and see what I can do to translate your design dreams into reality.

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